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Nexus Metal Detectors was first established in the metal detecting industry in Hemel Hempstead, United Kingdom in the year 2004. Over 15 years of research
and development have produced an induction balance metal detector capable of outperforming all other brands in all ground conditions, beach, inland, highly
mineralized soil and contaminated sites. Extensive air and underground tests in real conditions have been conducted and documented. Under ground tests were
conducted with gold and silver finds including a hoard of coins and other treasures and artifacts. The test results are now available in video format on the tests
pages. The videos pages contains underground tests, discrimination accuracy and air sensitivity tests as well as our new series of discovery documentaries.
The first model introduced in 2004 was Nexus Standard, a deep seeking hoard hunter, ideal for all search targets including gold and silver was based on
induction balance technology. It produced incredible depth and discrimination accuracy results soon became known as the deepest metal detector. The release
of this model has set the performance standard and became the beacon of more advanced technology to be released.
The name Nexus is based on the principal of operation. The word is derived from Latin, which means to bind, other definitions includes connection, link or tie,
appropriately applied to the two overlapping loops of the receiving and transmitting coil.
The first model was based on the idea of the user and the metal detector in use (the Nexus) would work together for a common goal, discovering the lost
treasure and other finds in real search conditions. The capability of the metal detector, the natural human senses and experience linked together produce the
ultimate results in search for lost treasures, coins, hoard and other artifacts.

At the end of 2006 the Nexus Standard was replaced by, the Nexus Standard SE. In September 2006 the Nexus Ultima 5F with 5 interchangeable
frequencies was introduced. With its dual 20" search coil and separate frequency choice, Nexus Ultima 5F became the most powerful and deepest hand held metal detector ever made. At the start of
2007, Nexus Coronado was introduced, a semi-professional, deep seeking metal detector. The year 2010 welcomed the release of Coronado Groundfix, a switch and go type with automatic ground
balance, deep seeking and with top performance in real search conditions. For both professional and beginner in the treasure hunting hobby, the Coronado Groundfix soon became in demand. All
Nexus products are induction balance technology and fully tuned in electro - magnetic resonance. This fact and the original unprecedented search coil design have made the Nexus an exclusive in the
metal detector industry, the only resonant tuned on the world market. The advantages of resonant tuned metal detectors are thoroughly explained on the Science pages of this web site, by
following the science link, with comprehensive information about how a metal detector works. The most important purpose of all Nexus designs is the aim for perfection, indisputably the best,
deepest ground penetration, unmatched discrimination , low weight, ergonomic and elegant design, versatility in both inland, woodland and beach sites and above all long lasting performance.
From October 2013 we are introducing a new range of four metal detector models - Nexus Standard MkII, Credo DDM, Credo and Bonanza. Our customers will have the pleasure to use Nexus with the
popular DD coil design. We are introducing DD search coils in three sizes all completely tuned in electro-magnetic resonance. These are first resonance tuned DD search coils on the market.
All current Nexus professional treasure hunting metal detectors are deep seeking and capable to work on any beach and inland site around the world.
We invite you to join on a journey where you can find lost coins, artifacts, hoards, silver and gold treasures at the best depth any is capable of.
Now even deeper finds are possible with out advance technology.  With Nexus, you will never miss a valuable find. We're now introducing our new tripole stem construction. Keep up to date with our
latest underground test videos and discovery documentaries at
Rare gold ring discovered with Nexus MP near Pickering, U.K could be linked to
Henry VIII's queen
during a metal detecting club dig.  The estimated value could be approximately £20000.
Henry VIII's sixth wife.
iron buried four inches down in a field.
Yorkshire Museum, after going through the treasure trove process Steve and the
It has a dark blue sapphire stone in the bezel and was found in between two pieces of ,
The ring may have a royal connection and believed to have belonged to Katherine Parr,
His find has been reported to the North Yorkshire coroner and handed over to the
land owner will each receive half of the value. READ FURTHER....
Mr.Steve Whitehead from Fulford, York discovered a gold ring in September this year
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