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Establishment The name Nexus is based on the principal of operation. The word is derived from Latin, which means to bind, other definitions includes connection, link or tie, appropriately applied to the two overlapping loops of the receiving and transmitting coil.  The first model was based on the idea of the user and the metal detector in use (the Nexus) would work together for a common goal, discovering lost treasure and other finds in real search conditions. The capability of the metal detector, the natural human senses and experience linked together produce the ultimate results. Products Specially developed for professional metal detectorists seeking the best possible depth and discrimination accurracy, the first model introduced was Nexus Standard, followed by Nexus Standard SE (special edition), Ultima 5F, with dual 20 inch and 5 interchangeable frequencies, followed by Coronado and Coronado Groundfix.  The following development produced Bonanza and Credo. Our latest models are Credo DDM, Nexus Standard MKII, offering a large range of coils and our best seller Nexus Standard MP. Our Policy We offer a full 2 year warranty and ensure every product is manually checked for the highest quality build and performance standard.  If any problem should occur, it is our priority to resolve it swiftly. Our Future Celebrating 14 years in business this year, we continue to invest a significant amount of time and money in development and research, ensuring our customers will receive the latest technology for depth penetration and discrimination accuracy.
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Nexus Metal Detectors was first established in 2004 in Hemel Hempstead, United Kingdom.  Many years of research and development prior to starting the company have produced an exceptionally powerful induction balance detector.  Soon after releasing the first model, customers reported it is the deepest metal detector they have used.  Manufactured in the EU, with the highest quality and standards, our products are sold world wide.