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I've only managed a couple of times out with the standard Mk II due to bad weather here in the UK but what i have experienced so far i am very happy. First time out was on some pasture fields which were soaking wet due to the very heavy rain we have had lately, after ground balance i found that i was getting quite a bit of response from the ground itself so backing off the sensitivity gradually and turning threshold to just barely audible i got the detector running quite stable picking out signals with ease. I found out later that this field was normally full of cattle and most people were having ground noise problems due to the combination of very wet ground and cattle urine / waste causing mineralisation and some falsing.  good signals from the Mk II were unmissable and after an hour or two of getting used to the detector and playing with discrimination settings i found the Mk II a joy to use. At a discrimination setting of 2.5.... coke (which we have lots of in N.E UK) would give a inconsistent red and blue signal
with a high and low tone. I dug many of these just to prove to myself that the detector was telling the truth and it was every time, Larger bits of iron would give the same inconsistent signal so by now i was beginning to be quite happy to leave these signals.  Half way across a field that a few other detectors had been over i got a cracking signal loud and clear giving good tone and red lights in every direction. This sounded loud so i thought a good target and not at a lot of depth, I dug down about 6" and detector said still in hole. Dug further down to around 10" same again detector saying still in hole so i thought must be big tin can or large target deep. at around 12-13" out popped this beautiful Saxon cruciform brooch!! Fantastic and one of my best finds to date. I was picking up quite a few tiny non ferrous targets and coins at very good depths, my friend with his Deus could not get a signal at all on a lot of them. I am confident that cut hammered coins will be no problems at all for this detector to find so i just need to walk over some. Pinpointing was very easy even with the double 9" coil. All in all a very enjoyable time out with my new machine and i really look forwards to getting out again. The only thing i am going to do is to get some flip open covers made for the control box just to keep any mud and dust off my new detector.       
Test report from Mr. Gavin Bottomley, U.K
Some of the finds made by Mr. Graeme Smith from Essex, United Kingdom.
Rare bracelet discovered by Mr.Henri Di Hemry from France.
Rare Gold ring discovered with Nexus Standard MP by Mr. Steve White Head from Pickering, U.K "I went out with my metal detecting club (Down to Earth) based around Pickering, North Yorkshire on 10/09/15 using my Nexus MP. This was my third outing with the Nexus and was not very hopeful as still learning the settings. I had chosen the Nexus MP as did not like having to go through numerous menus to get to the setting I wanted to change, and the Nexus MP fits the bill perfectly with me with all t he dials accessible. The field was stubble and ground slightly damp. Started off quite uneventful, finding the usual rubbish of aluminium and foil and a few buttons. I had walked the length of the field diagonally from where we all parked and was walking back, when I noticed I had lost ground balance. So did a GB and carried on. I had walked to a corner of the field when I had a clean non ferrous signal, but the signal was cut off either end so became questionable whether to dig or leave hence all the alloy I had been finding previously. Fortunately dug the hole, roughly 6" deep. Checked the hole with Nexus, realised the find was still in the hole so out came the pin pointer and right in the cut of the spade 4" down was a circle on its edge, so gently prized out and straight away knew I had found a gold ring and placed in my pocked as if I did not have a care in the world. Everything seemed so surreal and fumbled in my pocket to take another look, then noticed the stone inset and text round the circumference. so placed back in my pocket with the expectation of find something similar nearby. Searched around the original hole and got two signals either side of the hole where I had found the ring. But both these signals were ferrous iron, hence the iffy signal from the ring originally. Thank god I dug it.  As it was lunchtime I walked over to the rest of the gang sitting at their cars. One of the gang mentioned 'here's Steve, I bet he's got the usual iron' which is the comment I usually get all the time. I said don't think this is iron and showed them the ring. Well everyone went wild and all wanted to examine it and take photo's. Well I was shaking at this point and had to lay down while watching the ring get passed around. You all detect with the hope of finding the ultimate find in the back of your mind, but don't really think it will happen. Well one day you may find yourself walking over the right spot and dig it, that's one day to look forward to and to savour."      
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