Product features:
Free headphones  + rechargeable battery pack and postage included.
Nexus Ultima is the most powerful, deep seeking hand held metal detector.  With its giant dual 20 inch (88 x 52 cm) search coil
Nexus Ultima exhibits depth penetration and discrimination accuracy unseen before. Nexus Ultima is our statement model.  The
deepest known metal detector.
The new Nexus Ultima 5F is designed to work on five different frequencies switchable from the search coil. The wide choice of
frequency settings is undisputable advantage for reaching maximum depth in various ground conditions.
With all of the accessory search coils available the Nexus Ultima is becoming the most versatile metal detector, capable to find
literally any target, small or large, shallow or deep. Nexus Ultima is designed for use on most inland sites and salt water beaches
around the world including highly mineralised soil and black sand beaches.
Nexus Ultima is a non motion type of detector with fast auto tune,with induction balance resonant tuned (99%) search coil. Its
general performance is similar to the motion type of metal detectors.
Nexus Ultima will add to your treasure hunt 55% more power than the Nexus standard SE, which is more than twice compared to any
other top range metal detector.
Nexus Ultima weighs 2.7 kg with the 20" search coil.

Underground test results:
100 kg of Gold bars (simulated with lead).
20 kg Hoard of various Roman coins.
Roman helmet
190 cm (6.2 Feet) under normal soil conditions.
145 cm (5 Feet) under normal soil conditions.  
240 cm  (8 Feet) under normal soil conditions.
Ultima 5F
Nexus Ultima 5F with dual 20" search coil     €3495
Threshold control.
Variable Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO).
Environmentally sealed Glass Fibre, open frame search coil.
Manual Ground Balance control.
Discrimination Mode switch.
Volume control combined with Power on/off switch.
Discrimination control.
Sensitivity control.
Non motion detector with fast auto tune.
Headphone socket.
Meter Sensitivity Control.
Telescopic Glass Fibre stem with scratch and wear resistant gloss paint and locking pin.
Dual 20" search coil, environmentally sealed,resonant tuned in 5 different frequencies.
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Up to 30 hours of intermittent use with 8 AA alkaline batteries.
Product description: