The Nexus Standard MP is our top model and after the latest upgrades is also the deepest in ground IB hand held metal detector on the market. A masterful performer on every terrain, normal and mineral alike. Extraordinarily stable, regardless of the ground conditions. Exceeds the capability of other induction balance metal detectors in extreme mineral conditions. Higher resolution of adjustment than any other IB detector, digital and analogue alike. Always identify correctly large Iron no matter how deep. Exhibits a very low sensitivity to tiny and useless bits of lead, foil and thin wires AND YET it will never miss a coin, no matter how small. Will find valuable targets under hot rocks too big for other IB detectors to penetrate Nexus Standard MP is a metal detector meant for use exclusively by professional treasure hunters or anyone else with extensive experience in metal detecting and solid knowledge base on metal detectors. It is not recommended for users who seek fun features as it does not offer any. Nexus Standard MP is not designed to use any automatic functions, because it aims for the best performance results possible and they are still achievable only in manual mode with most metal detectors. What does the MP stands for? MP is a short abbreviation for Mineral Power, named by the extended capability of this IB detector to work in extreme mineral conditions. The MP may be the best Induction Balance metal detector for searching the deepest layers of the soil for treasures and valuable targets. This result is achieved by our new development – the Super Dumping Technology (SDT). SDT is our new electronic development that allows more effective ground and mineral suppression than any other IB detector. The SDT in reality can get rid of any mineral interference as if those minerals or ground do not exist. The SDT has another key feature. SDT is using the ground conductivity to enhance the detection of metal targets. With SDT, targets are detected better in ground than they can be detected in air after a proper GB is performed on each particular site. The measured improvement of signal detection in ground compared to air is 12-14%. For this reason the Nexus Standard MP is not designed to exhibit high  sensitivity in air, because every result in air is guaranteed to be at least the same in ground if not better. New technical features. • Super Dumping Technology, our new electronic system that extends the known limits of induction balance technology in all soil conditions. • Extreme thermal stability over time. The Nexus Standard MP will not drift, ever, regardless of the environmental temperature and/or moisture changes. • Very reliable identification of deep large Iron targets. • Top performance on every salt water tidal beach. Manual controls. Volume combined with a power on/off switch. Threshold. Sensitivity. Discrimination. Ground Balance. It is a 10 turn rotary potentiometer supplied with a multi turn locking dial mechanism. Dual tone with adjustable frequency. Coarse mineral control. Fine mineral control. It is a 10 turn rotary potentionmeter supplied with a multi turn locking dial mechanism. Mineral mode toggle switch. Battery test toggle switch Audio Mode toggle switch. It changes the operation of the detector between the two basic modes of operation. All metal and Iron Rejection. Other features Built in loudspeaker. Headphone socket. Battery recharge socket. 10AA battery compartment.
Nexus Standard MP V2 1995 Euro with 13 " DD coil Free Postage,  worldwide.
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13" DD - Price:  485 Euro NEW Frequency: 14 kHz Recommended: This search coil is superb for hammered silver and gold coins at incredible depths. It also finds small hoards deeper than most search coils in this size. 13" DD  -  Price: 485 Euro Frequency:  6 kHz Recommended: General search coil designed for higher detection ratio of small, medium and large targets in all search conditions. Due to large search area it will find more targets for  shorter period of time compared to smaller search coils. 10" DD  -  Price: 345 Euro NEW Frequency: 18 kHz Recommended:  Excellent for all types of small targets at great depth. Very good for work in Iron infested areas. 10" DD  -  Price: 345 Euro Frequency:  7 kHz Recommended: It could be the best general search coil that you’ll ever need. It exhibits excellent dept and discrimination in all conditions. Very efficient in detecting small targets at great depth. Very fast in isolating individual targets. 7" DD - Price: 240 Euro NEW Frequency:  18 kHz Recommended:  Excellent for all types of small targets in Iron infested areas. 7"  DD  -  Price: 240 Euro Frequency:  8 kHz Recommended: General search coil designed for quick scan of new detecting fields and areas. Very good for searching narrow spaces, holes and ditches. Best suited for small and medium targets in contaminated areas. When fitted with  7" DD search coil, the Nexus Standard MP is capable to detect a hammered copper bucket 20 cm in diameter at 85 cm in normal ground.
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From 1.09.2016 the Nexus Standard MP is upgraded to a higher depth penetration circuitry concerning all targets.  The stability on heavy mineralised condition is the same. Upgrade from V1 TO V2:  Users of Nexus Standard MP version 1, can now upgrade to version 2 for 350 Euro + postage.  This service is available only directly from our factory.
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The Silver Scout (SS) concentric search coils tuned at 24kHz are designed specifically with Nexus Standard MP. They are best suited for search in Iron infested fields and beach detecting of small gold and silver targets. These search coils deliver unparalleled recovery speed and are both capable of discovering hammered silver and gold coins in Iron infested spots where no other detector can work efficiently. This special series search coils are very suitable for gold nugget hunting as they are extremely sensitive to minute non-ferrous targets such as small gold particles.  The MP is fully capable to work with the Silver Scout search coils on any mineralized ground retaining proper discrimination. 11.5 " SS - Price: 285 Euros NEW Weight: Up to 365 grams. Colours: Silver or Black 9 “ SS     - Price:  225 Euros NEW Weight: Up to 300 grams. Colours:  Silver or Black
New Exclusive Silver Scout series.  The Silver Scout coils are available for purchase only directly from our factory.
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Above:  Silver Scout coil in Black colour.
Information about the differences between MP V1 and MP V2.  The Turbo Audio that is included in MP V1 is omitted from MP V2. For this reason the toggle switch under the control box on MP V2 is 2 way where on MP V1 is 3 way.  MP V2 is set to work with a higher base audio tone than MP V1. MP V2 uses 4 times more powerful output transmitter than MP V1. The maximum sensitivity of MP V2 is slightly higher than MP V1. The MP V2 operates with extremely smooth Threshold tone even at maximum sensitivity setting unlike MP V1.
ACCESSORY SEARCH COILS Free postage, worldwide.